About mpinner

Matt Pinner builds interactive clothing and installations while helping others. A software architect by day, an artist by night, Matt combines his learned skillsets with a desire to explore how humans interact with one another and the images they project. Matt uses custom circuitry, programming and rapid prototyping to deliver value and joy.

Active : Architectural LED Sculpture : Genius

this project for The Source came together last month (June 2014) under the guidance and collaboration of Evan Miller and Brandon Tarbell 


a sample rendering of an image rendered in the shape from the forced perspective viewing angle


off viewing

a slightly off view of the dancers reveals nothing


saleae logic analyzer viewing tlc597 signals

a saleae logic analyzer is crucial to developing and verifying the SPI data and signal for my TLC5947 LED drivers

the code to control these TLC4957 breakout boards from the beagle bone via OPC is on my OPC github fork.


the data flow for maximum flexibility and extensibility


the code to configure and automatically start these beagle bone processes is on my Active github repo. so far our beagle bone is happy and parts are starting to come together…..IMG_1244 Happy late night building from Colorado!   IMG_1243


Karma Lounge : Wearable Tech Showcase


This month’s theme: Wearable Tech

Makers, hackers, fashion enthusiasts, bring your wearable tech creations or just something glowing. We will party and show off our creations and light up the place.

Wearable Tech Showcase
We will highlight peoples’ wearable tech creations at 11 PM. If you would like to be featured, please send Jordan a short paragraph to read about your project!